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Business Continuity in the Face of Disruption

The COVID-19 global pandemic created a significant stress test for supply chains around the world. There was a rapid shift to e-Commerce, changes to country accessibility and significant disruption to “normal” ways of working. The relentless pursuit of efficiency has left some companies with less agility to respond to disruption.

Supply chains are more complex than ever. Historically, cost was the number one driver, but today, competitiveness and resiliency are just as important, if not more so. Combine seismic shifts in business models, skilled labour scarcity, and evolving global trade and resiliency may become the key differentiator of successful companies.

A recent global Gartner survey revealed that 87% of supply chain professionals plan to invest in supply chain resilience in the next two years. Leading companies are re-evaluating their networks, digitising operations and leveraging automation technologies to minimise operational complexity.

Investing in technology and automation solves many of the resiliency challenges while also addressing long-term competitiveness. FORTNA is here to help you chart your path forward.

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