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Revolutionize order fulfillment with FORTNA and Geek+

FORTNA has partnered with Geekplus to create solutions that increase capacity, improve cycle times and increase labour productivity. The FORTNA and Geekplus solution will empower businesses to streamline operations, reduce labour costs and increase efficiencies in order fulfillment.

FORTNA, renowned for its deep domain knowledge and experience in supply chain optimisation, is collaborating with Geekplus, a company known for pioneering the use of innovative robotic systems in warehouse automation, to create a customised solution tailored to the unique needs of customers. FORTNA and Geekplus are committed to innovation, sustainability and delivering solutions that align with the latest industry trends and regulations.

FORTNA and Geek+ robotics solution key benefits

geekplus mobile robotics solution in warehouse operation

Key Benefits

Enhanced efficiency

FORTNA’s extensive industry knowledge will be complemented by the Geekplus state-of-the-art robotics technology, creating highly efficient and adaptable automated solutions. Mobile robotic systems have more than double the average order picking and sorting throughput.


The collaboration will offer businesses scalable solutions that can grow with their needs, ensuring they remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

geekplus mobile robotics solution in warehouse operation

Key Benefits

Optimised warehouse operations

By integrating advanced robotics into warehouse operations, customers can significantly improve order accuracy, storage utilisation and reduce labour costs. Integrated directly into FORTNA WES™ software, the Geekplus robotics offerings now benefit from order priority adjustments in real-time, enabling businesses to adapt to operational changes more effectively. By coordinating work activities in concert with the Geekplus offerings, FORTNA WES™ is also able to assign tasks to the best-fit automation at the optimal time for further throughput improvements while reducing the cost to pick.

Key Benefits

Increased customer satisfaction

Faster and more accurate order fulfillment will lead to improved consumer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

A better workplace

Mobile robotics allow employees to focus on less strenuous tasks in a safer work environment, supporting businesses’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments.

Our FORTNA and Geekplus partnership provides customers a competitive edge through the seamless integration of automation and robotics into supply chain operations. The partnership between FORTNA and Geekplus aims to accelerate supply chain automation, making it more efficient and cost-effective and increasing the timely delivery of goods to consumers.

Rob McKeel

Chief Executive Officer

command-center-asrs illustration-of-robotic-picking-arm

Powered by an intelligent warehouse execution system

FORTNA WES™ intelligent software optimises the design and allows you to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for compounded gains in efficiency and insights. This unique software platform makes it possible to integrate solutions from virtually any type of equipment and swap out technologies without having to make expensive and time-consuming updates to your existing systems.


Unique approach to identify best-fit technologies

The FORTNA Distribution Optimisation Framework™ leans into your data and our proprietary processes, tools and algorithms to design and deliver solutions using best-fit automation technologies. We work with a deep bench of partners, but our unique approach allows for a truly innovative and holistic design that leverages best-in-class robotics, without bias toward any manufacturer or supplier. We can help you select appropriate technologies and work collaboratively with the chosen supplier to optimise your solution for exemplary business results.


Proof of concept and business case justification

Complex projects sometimes require a proof of concept (POC) to validate functionality and justify the business case before investing significant capital expense for the broader solution. At FORTNA, business case is at the heart of everything we do. We will help you develop the business case, align stakeholders and obtain the Board-level support you need for your investments.

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