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AutoStore Announces Newest Distribution Partner, Fortna Inc.

(AutoStore®, Nedre Vats, Norway / 24 February 2020) – AutoStore is proud to announce their partnership with a new global distribution partner, Fortna Inc., a leading global automation, engineering services and software company. Fortna offers transformational services including distribution strategy, distribution center operations, material handling automation, supply chain systems and warehouse execution software systems. Through this new partnership, AutoStore and Fortna will continue to build  their global presence by offering additional solutions to a growing client base.

“We are excited about the addition of Fortna to our portfolio of global partners. Each partner is unique and brings something different to the client and we look forward to the ability to bring AutoStore to new areas and markets. As a global company and with increased growth around the world, it is increasingly important that we work with a variety of integrators who can meet the various needs of our clients,” shared Karl Johan Lier, CEO and President of AutoStore.

“Fortna clients have utilised this advanced technology to achieve distribution business goals as part of an overall Fortna-designed solution,” said Andrew Breckenridge, Fortna, Executive Vice President, Sales. “We are looking forward to continuing to offer AutoStore as another option to be considered when designing solutions to meet our clients’ operational needs.”

 Fortna joins AutoStore’s growing list of distributors who sell, design, install and service AutoStore around the globe.

About Fortna, Inc.
For over 70 years, Fortna has partnered with the world’s top brands to transform their distribution operations into a competitive advantage. Fortna helps clients make and keep bold promises to their customers – fast, accurate and cost-effective fulfilment consistently at every touchpoint, across every channel. Fortna’s expertise spans distribution strategy, distribution centre operations, material handling automation, supply chain systems and warehouse execution software systems. We build our firm on a promise – we develop a solid business case for change and hold ourselves accountable for results. For more, visit

About AutoStore
AutoStore, founded in 1996, is a robot technology company that invented and continues to pioneer Cube Storage Automation; the densest storage solution in existence. Our focus is to marry software and hardware with human abilities to create the future of warehousing. The modular, high-density, automated storage and retrieval system makes AutoStore a perfect fit for large distribution centres and efficient in-store order fulfilment. The company is global with over 400 installations in 30 countries in a wide range of industries. All sales are distributed, designed, installed and serviced by a network of qualified system integrators we call partners. Our corporate headquarters is in Nedre Vats, Norway, with offices in France, Germany, Norway, Japan, Poland, the UK and US. For more information, visit