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Shift to Digital Drives Demand for Enhanced Omnichannel Capabilities

The footwear industry has experienced unprecedented disruption in the last few years. Omnichannel capabilities are front and center as footwear retailers and wholesalers navigate challenges that include:

  • Shift to digital, resulting in new order profiles and complexity
  • Customer expectations for a seamless experience across channels
  • Faster order-to-delivery cycle times
  • Endless aisle selection driving SKU proliferation
  • Growing number of returns, driven by e-Commerce growth
  • Efficient inventory deployment to reduce working capital
  • Labour challenges driving up costs, limiting availability and requiring additional measures to keep workers safe
FORTNA can help transform fulfilment operations to enable flexibility and address digital disruption and growth objectives.

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FORTNA applies a data science approach with an operator’s perspective to ensure innovative design and optimal material and information flow supported by a justifiable business case.

Client Success Case Study

Powering Speed, Flexibility, and Increased Capacity for Fashion Footwear Company

A publicly traded fashion footwear leader needed to further increase speed, flexibility, and capacity in its operations. Each season they were adding new SKUs, creating inventory storage capacity issues. Additionally, growing omnichannel order volume accelerated the need for higher throughput capacity.

The client partnered with FORTNA for a complex retrofit of two highly automated omni channel distribution centers simultaneously. The newly retrofitted DCs allow for faster order processing, reducing by 20-25% the time to process orders for retail stores and increasing by 60-65% the processing speed for direct-to-consumer orders. The DCs are designed to support 20-25% growth in units, 35-40% increase in SKU count, and 65-70% increase in storage capacity. Operational efficiencies helped reduce cost per pair by 30-35%.


Scientifically proven proprietary modelling tools and algorithms allow FORTNA to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Holistic Approach

FORTNA designs solutions with a holistic perspective, considering upstream/downstream impacts on the entire operation and network.

Best-fit Technology

At FORTNA, we identify and select appropriate and best-fit equipment without bias toward any manufacturer.

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We are incredibly pleased with the results of the project. FORTNA exceeded our expectations.

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e-Commerce fulfillment and returns, omnichannel commerce or the complexities of local micro-fulfillment, our solutions improve performance today.

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