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    Transform Grocery Distribution with a Micro-fulfilment Technology Assessment

    The new normal of grocery distribution has accelerated your customers’ expectations for rapid online order fulfilment. The need to eliminate bottlenecks and fulfil a higher percentage of eCommerce orders with more speed and accuracy has never been more critical. The Fortna Micro-fulfilment Technology Assessment can help.

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    Our robust bench of distribution and technology specialists will help you.

    The Fortna Technology Assessment helps guide companies to identify and evaluate specific technologies to support digital transformation, reduce dependence on labour and ensure business continuity.

    • Holistically review current technologies
    • Identify scalable and flexible solutions to accelerate structural change for seamless distribution
    • Prepare your facility for appropriate social distancing requirements to ensure employee safety and health
    • Strategise to optimise throughput, speed and accuracy
    • Minimise business disruption and mitigate risk

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      AutoStore is a leading solution for grocery order-fulfilment. It combines the highest storage density of any goods-to-person solution, with a high throughput technology, making it a perfect fit for order fulfilment from large warehouses to small urban stores and backrooms.

      Micro-fulfilment: Increasing Responsive Fulfilment

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      Considering micro-fulfilment strategies for fast,
      accurate and local grocery fulfilment?

      Micro-fulfilment offers one solution to increase the speed, agility,
      and responsiveness to dynamically changing eCommerce demand.

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