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5 Reasons to Invest in
Slotting Software

Slotting software serves as a great step towards digital transformation providing a framework for data integrity, visibility and operational improvements.

by Dan Basmajian

Changing global environments and disruption continue to drive companies to invest in technology to keep pace with increasing consumer demands. When deciding where to invest, supply chain leaders must consider a roadmap that will elevate operations and satisfy return on investment (ROI) needs.

Proven, mature technologies, like slotting software, serve as a great first step toward a digital transformation, providing a framework for data integrity improvements, increased visibility and operational efficiencies. Upgrading from legacy knowledge or manual spreadsheet tools to dedicated slotting optimisation software results in highly optimised solutions, supporting cost savings through increased order fulfilment, reduced replenishments, improved space utilisation, increased labour retention and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Upgrading to Slotting Optimisation Software

Leveraging intelligent slotting optimisation software, allows an operation to map the warehouse virtually using digital twin technology, like FORTNA OptiSlot DC™. The digital environment then serves as a sandbox to evaluate slotting strategies. Build alternative scenarios using combinations of standard and customized goals, rules and constraints to address user-defined objectives while considering nuances specific to the distribution environment. Before physical implementation, the software can simulate outcomes and provide comparative analysis reports to evaluate each solution option and provide expected ROI.

5 Reasons to Invest in Slotting Software


1.  Speed to Solution

  • Simulate and slot multiple scenarios more efficiently and effectively than manual solutions, like spreadsheets
  • Quickly profile product to proper rack types and designate SKUs to slots based on defined goals, rules and constraints
  • Stand-alone software – integration into warehouse management system (WMS) not required


2.  Flexibility to Adjust

  • Make quick adjustments to slotting strategies in response to promotions and seasonality
  • Automatically allocate empty space
  • Adjust for product grouping for items often ordered together
  • Change pick path strategies for greater productivity
  • Simulate different rack types and layout configurations


3.  ROI Visibility

  • Access reports including key performance indicators (KPIs), zone movement and balancing, and return on investment (ROI) calculations for moves
  • View the warehouse layout, travel network, location types and product allocations via digital twin produced in FORTNA<br>OptiSlot DC™
  • Produce heatmaps based on product velocity or color code based on other item attributes


4. Simplifying Complexity

  • Address SKU proliferation, seasonal items, promo items and obsolete products
  • Simultaneously accomplish multiple goals such, as sequencing density, height, weight, product group and velocity to balance competing priorities
  • Include all necessary restrictions (e.g., weight restrictions, hazardous considerations, like-item separation, etc.)
  • Consider replenishment frequency by allocating items to multiple locations, allowing for multiple facings, a function not easily done with manual processes


5. Optimal Reporting and Work Plans

  • Develop a sound business case for physical product relocation by comparing actual order data in the operation’s current state with an optimised slotting scenario and quantifying the expected gain in KPIs prior to physical product relocation
  • Generate a work plan and moves list rooted in minimising handling requirements and associated labour costs
  • Prioritise predetermined and exclusive move sets to deliver maximum value while integrating within the current operation
  • Produce consistent and measurable results that consider the holistic distribution environment


Investment in the right slotting optimisation software offers a framework to combine distribution stakeholders’ knowledge and expertise to implement best practices, providing the organisation with a useful and repeatable format for solution sustainability.


As supply chain professionals consider the next technologies to invest in, it is important to consider the impact and continued benefit of deploying a sustainable slotting strategy. FORTNA OptiSlot DC™, slotting software with digital twin technology recognised in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies*, serves as a great step towards digital transformation, providing a framework for data integrity improvements, increased visibility and operational efficiencies.

Contact an expert today and learn if you are ready to invest in slotting optimisation software or to schedule a demo today.

* FORTNA is recognised as Optricity in this Gartner 2022 report. FORTNA acquired Optricity in February 2022.

About the Author


Dan Basmajian


Dan Basmajian and his team invented the first commercially available slotting optimisation software, which premiered over 35 years ago. Dan continues to bring the benefits of slotting optimisation to the marketplace, utilizing the best mathematical techniques and the power of modern PCs. Dan is a world-renowned warehousing optimisation domain expert, innovator, and a globally sought-after industry speaker.