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Invest in Resilience

The COVID crisis accelerated the shift to e-Commerce creating an imperative for companies to reconfigure their networks for greater agility.

Existing distribution networks rely on assumptions that have changed significantly with the shift to e-Commerce. As this accelerates, it’s time to assess how to leverage the entire network for speed, resilience, efficiency, and flexibility.

Where to begin? A holistic, data-driven approach to distribution network planning is essential. Market leaders fine tune their supply/demand signals, inventory levels & turns, transportation costs, and service levels to build a network for today and tomorrow. Alternative analysis then stresses assumptions to validate future proofing. This work has moved from a 3-5 year cycle to 1-2 years.

Each time I talk with the FORTNA team about our work for our Clients, I am fascinated by the complexity of the task, the detailed analysis, the power of our proprietary algorithms, and the completeness of the recommendations. When I pick up a package from my front porch, I proudly reflect on all the work that went into enabling that to happen.

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