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5 Reasons to Visit FORTNA at ProMat

According to Harvard Business Review, 73% of consumers prefer shopping through multiple channels1. Consumers are looking for seamless, unified brand experiences to satisfy demands and distribution environments that act with speed, accuracy and flexibility.

FORTNA can help. Read on to discover the top 5 Reasons to Visit FORTNA at ProMat Booth #S1947, March 20 – 23 in Chicago.

by Cheryl Falk

1. Transformational Omnichannel and Parcel Solutions

Are your omnichannel and parcel solutions delivering desired business outcomes? Whether you need to move packages or meet distribution fulfillment requirements, innovative designs are essential to efficiently and reliably deliver the high productivity needed to meet customer demands. FORTNA takes a data-driven approach to distribution and parcel strategy, performing a comprehensive analysis that considers each element’s network impact to identify both short- and long-term opportunities for improvement. Taking into account everything from real estate and network strategies to receiving, cross docking and sortation, through to e-Commercemicro-fulfilment, last mile delivery and returns best practices, FORTNA experts identify the best-fit technology and intelligent software for each unique operation.

2. Intelligent Software for Real-Time Decisions

Disruption and multiplying customer demands are the norm in today’s supply chain. To achieve flexibility in an operation, supply chain leaders will need a connected vantage point to make informed, real-time decisions. Intelligent WES software seamlessly manages processes and synchronizes data offering enhanced visibility to empower business intelligence.

FORTNA WES is modularly designed to be scalable and flexible supporting a broad range of automation technology and systems. Utilizing science-backed proprietary algorithms, FORTNA WES orchestrates people, processes, orders and automation, optimizing real-time dynamic operational performance. Optimize your distribution design for higher utilization while securing flexibility to adjust for unforeseen circumstances with intelligent software.

3. Inventory Orchestration

SKU proliferation and omnichannel fulfillment are applying pressure within distribution centers. Space is a hot commodity and satisfying customer demands is vital. Optimal product placement enhances capacity, increases product flow, improves order quality and overall productivity. With a high SKU count, differing SKU profiles, varied storage media types and competing slotting objectives, inventory orchestration is challenging. FORTNA OptiSlot DC powered by advanced mathematical algorithms, takes the guesswork out of designing a strong inventory strategy. Easily prioritize objectives and create custom slotting strategies. Utilize built-in digital twin technology to validate your solution and orchestrate optimal inventory placement with ROI-prioritized workplans. Interested in securing immediate and measurable benefit? Learn how MHI Innovation Award finalist FORTNA OptiSlot DC can help.


4. Modular Robotic Order Fulfillment

One thing that is always popular at ProMat is robotics. With labor cost, labor availability and labor safety challenges, it is no wonder that data documents 64% of supply chain leaders were planning technology investment increases2. Robotic solutions boost speed, improve accuracy and efficiency while lowering costs for a broad range of operational requirements. Between pick and place robotic arms, co-bots and various task-specific AMRs, numerous vendor options, and new solutions consistently entering the market, knowing where to begin is taxing. FORTNA takes a collaborative approach to identify performance needs and utilizes proprietary processes and algorithms to deliver best-fit technologies.

5. Material Handling Equipment Modernization

In today’s fast-paced distribution and parcel environments, keeping operations running and in sync with changes in business and technology is critical to long-term success. Over time the solutions that unload, convey, identify, sort and load experience mechanical wear that reduces functionality and reliability. Technology becomes obsolete and system performance deteriorates. While a complete equipment overhaul may not always be feasible, targeted modernization of systems and technology can extend the life of assets and ultimately, the distribution center.


FORTNA supports a diverse portfolio of automation and software technologies across an array of industries worldwide. With a unique approach to solutions, equipment and software, FORTNA experts design solutions that maximize flexibility with smooth transition plans to achieve optimized performance levels without business disruption.

Start your transformation today – schedule a time to meet with the FORTNA experts or visit www.FORTNA.com.

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Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

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