Fortna verbessert Vertriebsabläufe mit AutoStore-Lösung - FORTNA

Case Study

FORTNA Improves Distribution Operations with AutoStore Solution

Transformation of a 3-shift, 7 days per week, round-the-clock operation, into an automated, highly efficient fulfillment engine to support e-Commerce growth and enable new revenue streams for the business.



• Reduced labor by 55%

• Increased productivity by 109%

• Enabled 3 additional business units to be incorporated into existing footprint

• Flexibility to integrate new acquisitions into the operation quickly

• 40% additional volume processed in the same amount of space.

An aggressive acquisition strategy coupled with organic growth enabled this large specialty retail client to become a leader in its industry, but also created challenges for the business.

Over time, small inefficiencies added up to a less-than-optimal operation for both its store and e-Commerce fulfillment. They were running out of space and capacity to process orders.

The client called on FORTNA to help modernize the operation with great speed and agility before opportunities for future growth would be stifled. FORTNA helped design a new fulfillment engine that included an AutoStore solution, FORTNA Goods to Person (GTP) pick/pack stations and cross-belt sorter equipment all controlled by FORTNA WES™ software. The software enabled one of the fastest, highest throughput AutoStore solutions in the world. The dynamically optimized throughput of this innovative FORTNA design maximized capacity of the operation while creating CapEx cost savings for the client. Leveraging the high-density storage AutoStore provides also reduced picking travel in other parts of the operation, increasing overall productivity. Process changes enabled by FORTNA WES™ software allowed the operation to use a continuous flow, pull-based design that increased productivity with less labor.

The solution, which is being implemented in phases, gives the client the flexibility to integrate additional business units over time and make CapEx investments on pace with growth. When the final phase is complete, it will be one of the largest AutoStore solutions anywhere in the world.



Veröffentlicht / aktualisiert 11.01.2021