RILA LINK 2024 25-28 Februar Dallas, TX | FORTNA

Live Event


25. bis 28. Februar | Dallas, TX, USA

FORTNA Booth #1303

End-to-end warehouse and distribution solutions powered by automation, intelligent software and robotics

Join FORTNA, the retail industry’s premier integrator, at the upcoming RILA LINK 2024 event, February 25-28 in Dallas, TX.

Visit our retail experts in Booth #1303 to discover how FORTNA designs and delivers solutions that address:

  • Labor availability and rising costs
  • Digital transformation, resulting in new order profiles and complexity
  • Growing customer expectations for a positive experience across channels
  • Increased productivity and faster order-to-delivery cycle times
  • Increased capacity with warehouse-ready, small footprint solutions
  • Seamless return management process
  • Inventory management to anticipate and meet seasonal and promotional demand

Basierend auf Realdaten

FORTNA arbeitet mit wissenschaftlich fundierten, praxiserprobten proprietären Modellierungswerkzeugen und Algorithmen bei der Planung optimaler, hocheffizienter Lösungen.

Ganzheitlicher Ansatz

FORTNA designs solutions with a holistic perspective, considering upstream/ downstream impacts on the entire operation and network.

Passgenaue Technologie

Wir implementieren die am besten geeigneten Technologien in unseren Lösungen - passgenau und unabhängig.

FORTNA unterstützt Sie auf Ihrem Weg zur transformativen Distribution.

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FORTNA Insight

8 Fragen zum Geschäftsmodell des Vertriebsnetzes

Asking and examining the right questions while building a distribution network business case can assist an organization in revealing obstacles and opportunities, as well as costs and benefits.

In this FORTNA insight, we will review the eight questions to ask when building a business case for a new or expanded distribution network.