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Improve Performance with the FORTNA Distribution Operations Assessment

The FORTNA Distribution Operations Assessment helps companies to optimize distribution operations to meet current and future business needs and performance goals. The data-driven analysis and expert observation of people, processes, systems and assets will help enhance and support your fulfillment operations. The assessment will identify and evaluate solutions and technologies to improve performance, reduce dependence on labor and ensure business agility and resilience.



FORTNA provides a robust bench of distribution and technology specialists who work with you to identify business-case justified solutions.

We start with a holistic review of your current processes. We then leverage our observations and deep operational experience to recommend a list of “Quick Hit” opportunities that will rapidly provide improvement with minimal cost. We analyze operations, order profile, equipment, transportation, and labor data to identify scalable and flexible solutions to accelerate structural change using best-fit technologies that achieve your operational and business goals. As part of the process, alternative solutions are evaluated on the cost and benefit of each with a focus on capacity, cost, and service across your network. All recommendations are financially supported with a solid business case and a path forward charted in an implementation roadmap that takes into consideration the interdependencies between all stakeholders.

  • Quick Hit Opportunities List
  • Solution Hypothesis
  • Alternative Solution Analysis
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • High-level Business Case

Improve Business Outcomes Utilizing Existing Assets

The last 18 months of disruption have placed unprecedented pressure on your operations.  Labor is scarce and expensive, and turnover is high, which is challenging your ability to meet service expectations predictably.  The bar has been raised – customers expect fast, accurate order fulfillment.

  • How do you complete the work with fewer workers?
  • How do you achieve better performance from your existing assets?
  • How do you meet goals without substantial capital investments?

Optimize Performance with the FORTNA Operations Assessment



Leverage Existing Assets with Improved Efficiency

A global leader in animal health care experiencing 15% year-over-year growth partnered with FORTNA to assess an existing distribution center that was nearing capacity with years left on its lease. The data-driven assessment identified a retrofit design solution that included mezzanines to add floor space and automation to improve productivity and cycle times.  The company reduced the need for off-site storage and was able to postpone the significant capital investment of a new DC for almost 10 years as the result of an operations assessment which helped them get more capacity and efficiency from their existing facility.

We are incredibly pleased with the results of the project. FORTNA exceeded our expectations.



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