Ensuring Business Continuity in the Next New Normal

A point of view on the new challenges and expectations that will be the next “New Normal” for supply chain leaders disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Unlocking the Value of Digital Fulfillment: WES as a Platform for Flexibility

WES is designed to be flexible enabling operations to scale up or down to meet changing DC needs and incorporate new automation technology.

Unlocking the Value of Digital Fulfillment: The Evolving Warehouse Tech Stack

WES is a real-time orchestration and optimization “engine”—leveling the peaks and valleys of integrated processes —while increasing speed and output.

Video Case Study: L.L.Bean

Fortna helped L.L.Bean extend the life of its DC, combine channels under a single roof and optimize operations for increased speed and productivity. Watch this video to learn more.

IoT Key to Supply Chain Visibility

Fortna talks with Modern Materials Handling about enabling track and trace and increased supply chain visibility via Internet of Things technology.

When Hospitals Become Distributors

A growing number of health care systems are moving to self-distribution for consumables. In this SupplyChainBrain article learn what makes self-distribution of pharmaceuticals challenging.

Autonomous Robots in the Distribution Center: Are They a Justifiable Investment?

Everyone says bots will transform the DC. But how do you decide if they are a fit for your operations? In this SupplyChainBrain article, learn the 7 applications for bots with a strong business case.

The New DC: How Technologies Are Changing Distribution Design

What will the DC of the future look like? Which technologies are still in an early adopter phase, and what’s on the horizon? How will you decide which ones are right for your operations? Read more.

Bulking up at Canadian Tire

Learn how Canadian Tire took bulk handling to new levels of automation and efficiency at its new DC in this Modern Materials Handling article.

7 Steps to Getting Board Approval for your Distribution Project

To stay competitive, companies must make significant investments in their distribution operations. This infographic is a guide to getting board approval on your next project.