Six Things to Consider Before Implementing Micro-fulfillment Solutions

Micro-fulfillment enables shorter order to delivery cycles, lower transportation cost and hyper-localized product offering, however there are a few things you’ll want to consider before implementing solutions.

L.L.Bean: A Century of Keeping Pace with Customers’ Evolving Needs

Read how Fortna helped L.L.Bean embark on a long-term, multi-step approach to transform their distribution operations for greater efficiency and improved costs.

7 Ways to Prepare for an Unprecedented Cyber Peak Season 2020

With no precedent for the situation they currently find themselves in, retailers need to write a new playbook for the new peak. Plans will require flexibility. What can you expect? How should you prepare?

Growing Wave of eCommerce Returns – A Challenge to Profitability

Returns are often complex and unpredictable, creating reverse logistics challenges and potential service failures unless you optimize, measure and manage returns as well as you do outbound fulfillment.

Autonomous Mobile Robots – Lessons Learned from Implementation

Listen to a panel of leaders who have implemented AMRs, GTP & automated solutions talk about the challenges and pitfalls to avoid as well as best practices for implementing new technologies.

The Changing Face of Warehouse Change Management

New technologies can completely alter a worker’s job, requiring business leaders to take a strategic approach to managing labor through the change.

The Automation Pivot Point

Investing in automation in a way that aligns with strategic business goals is essential to ensuring that companies continue to thrive, despite increasing pressure on margins and rising customer expectations.

Transitioning Autonomous Mobile Robots from the Lab to the DC

Being an early adopter always carries risks, but lessons from pilot projects can help companies get ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage with the right approach and expectations.

Retail Returns: Addressing a Growing Challenge Head-On

As the rate of online shopping increases, retailers face the challenge of coping with a commensurate rise in the rate of returns. Companies that focus on optimizing their returns systems and processes will delight their customers and win new ones.

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience While Balancing Cost and Service

Supply chain executives must create a seamless experience for omnichannel consumers, while walking the razor’s edge of balancing trade-offs between cost and service. How can you design a distribution operation that profitably supports these expectations?