Modex 2022 - FORTNA

Live Event

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On-Floor Seminar

We hosted an on-floor seminar about “3 Ways to Optimize Omnichannel and e-Commerce Distribution” at MODEX.

If your schedule didn’t allow attendance, we will be hosting online sessions to revisit the subject – please contact us to learn about upcoming dates.

Optimize Omnichannel Distribution

As supply chains continue to stretch, grow, and continually change, companies are challenged to adjust to current business environments and prepare for future fluctuations. Inconsistent performance in labor, fulfillment, productivity, and shipping can drastically affect a company’s ability to satisfy customer expectations.

FORTNA can help. Serving as your Agent of Change, FORTNA becomes your partner to design and deliver a strategy to optimize your distribution network for fast and accurate omnichannel order fulfillment. As business requirements continue to become more complex, FORTNA will develop or extend your current system with focused attention to your operational design, use of best-fit technologies and deployment of intelligent software.

Discover FORTNA OptiSlot DC™ Software, the sustainable slotting solution that employs strategic putaway reducing critical pick paths, creating efficient pallet building, all while minimizing breakage, and meeting rising customer demands.

Learn more about amplifying your Omnichannel Distribution Operations!

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We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and partner to infuse change into your distribution operations.

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