wRatings Study Finds Fortna Clients 15% More Profitable than Peers

Independent competitive research firm, wRatings Corporation recently completed a report stating that companies partnering with Fortna over the past ten years have out-performed their direct industry peers in terms of economic profit and customer advantages.

Based on a year-over-year analysis, the Fortna Customer Group has built superior customer strength over Non-Fortna Customers of 15% and 13.2% on average over the past three and five years respectively. This growth parallels the 2007 expansion of Fortna’s supply chain service offerings. Read the press release for more information.

Fortna Client, O’Reilly Automotive, Featured in DC Velocity

The recent merger of O’Reilly Automotive and CSK is one of the largest supply chain integrations in the nation today. Merging two distribution systems with different customer service needs is a complex endeavor. Fortna is proud to be on the team that is making this supply chain integration a successful reality! Read the article for more information.