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Fortna Becomes Bronze Sponsor of the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)

Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, has become a bronze sponsor of the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN). Fortna’s sponsorship will provide ongoing support for ALAN’s disaster relief efforts. ALAN comprises hundreds of supply-chain businesses who stand poised to respond in the event of disasters, and locate and move goods from suppliers to affected communities rapidly and efficiently.

“This has been a particularly tragic year with regards to global natural disasters, many in areas where we have associates or associates’ families,” said John A. White III, president and CEO of Fortna. “We are happy to support ALAN’s great work at bringing a rapid and coordinated effort to reestablishing a reliable supply chain to areas in the grip of disasters.”

Tessco and Fortna Celebrate 25-Year Partnership, Upgrade to FortnaWCS™

Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, and Tessco (NASDAQ: TESS) announce the celebration of their 25-year partnership and the recent upgrade of warehouse control software in their Maryland distribution center.  Fortna and Tessco have had a mutually beneficial relationship that spans distribution projects such as the installation of material handling equipment, multiple performance and systems upgrades, and the implementation of a new Warehouse Management System.

As Tessco continues to grow their retail channel, they face growing expectations for speedy delivery of product to consumers. This latest project to upgrade to the current release of FortnaWCS™ enables Tessco to meet the need for faster fulfillment and increased flexibility to reprioritize orders on the fly. The upgraded system also enables associates to put more focus on process improvements that can drive competitive advantage, rather than on system maintenance activities.

Fortna and LLamasoft Announce Partnership

Fortna® and LLamasoft announce a partnership around LLamasoft’s supply chain optimization platform including its flagship product, Supply Chain Guru. Fortna, a global distribution consulting and engineering firm, uses LLamasoft, a global leader in supply chain optimization software and solutions, as the core technology for its strategy engagements for clients.

In today’s on-demand economy, companies need to make tough choices across the entire value chain – suppliers, customers, and service providers, like 3PLs and carriers. Fortna uses LLamasoft software to model and analyze a client’s supply chain network to help them better understand the trade-offs when choosing the optimal configuration. Fortna then continues to help clients with the next phases – designing, implementing and supporting distribution operations – to ensure their transformed distribution operations are creating a competitive advantage.

“An undeniable shift has occurred where convenience and speed are tablestakes,” said Andrew Breckenridge, executive vice president of Fortna. “In partnering with LLamasoft, we will enhance our ability to help clients across the globe not just survive, but thrive in this new economy.”

Webinar: Emerging Technologies for Your Distribution Center

Thursday, October 19, 2017
2:00 p.m. ET

As a business leader you need to be aware of several new technologies, including autonomous picking robots, augmented reality for vision picking, drones for inventory cycle counting and more, that can deliver real competitive advantage in your distribution operations.

You don’t want to be left behind, but you may not want to be too far ahead of the adoption curve either.  How do you decide when and where to invest?

In this webinar you’ll learn which technologies are being piloted, which are having success and moving from concept to implementation and into production on the maturity scale, and what’s coming on the horizon.

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Webinar: The Top Distribution Trends for 2018

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
2:00 p.m. ET

2017 is rapidly coming to a close and everyone in the industrial distribution market is wondering what 2018 will bring. For many, 2017 was a year of recovery, while some are still waiting for it.

In this free and educational webinar, our panelists will address these compelling questions:

  • Will the industrial products market continue its overall rise next year?
  • What technologies should distributors consider adding to their business?
  • What is the outlook for distribution employment?

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Webinar: The Insider’s Guide to Emerging Technologies for Your Distribution Center

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
2:00 p.m. ET

There’s a wave of new technologies – from robots to wearables to autonomous vehicles to drones to software – that can deliver real competitive advantage in your distribution operations.  You don’t want to be left behind, but you may not want to be on the bleeding edge, either. How do you decide when and where to invest?

This webinar will discuss an insider’s view of the latest technologies for inside your Distribution Center.  You’ll learn which technologies are being piloted, which are having success and moving towards becoming mainstream, and what’s on the horizon. Our experts will help you make sense of it all by showing you where the hype ends and reality begins.

SupplyChainBrain Recognizes Fortna as a Great Supply Chain Partner

Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, is proud to be named a 2017 Great Supply Chain Partner by SupplyChainBrain for the eighth consecutive year. SupplyChainBrain received hundreds of nominations during their six-month online poll. Nominations for Fortna included statements such as:

  • “Fortna has developed lasting relationships at all levels of the organization
    from frontline employees to the executive team.”
  • “We have trusted them for over 60 projects, including double-digit DC designs,
    and continue to be pleased with their results.”
  • “Fortna has been a great steward of our money by continuing to drive down costs.”

This award is one of several that Fortna received this year, including the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 award, the Manhattan Associates Partner Performance Club MVP and two Pros to Know awards to Fortna associates – Seth Conrad and Brad Anderson. This award is especially meaningful because it is based solely on nominations from clients for whom Fortna’s work made a significant impact on their company’s efficiency, customer service and overall supply chain performance.

Fortna Announces Organizational Changes to Better Serve Clients and Drive Innovation

Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, announced today two changes that will drive innovation and improve customer service.

Nikko Pianetto has been promoted to the role of Executive Vice President. In this role, he will lead the global services organization that manages all of Fortna’s service offerings that are involved in turning a companies’ distribution operations into a competitive advantage.

Previously, Pianetto led the global software development team responsible for FortnaWCS™ and FortnaWES™ – Warehouse Control and Warehouse Execution Systems – the sophisticated warehouse systems that power high performance distribution operations, like the kind needed for eCommerce. In addition, Nikko also played an integral role in opening an innovation hub in Hanoi, Vietnam to continue to advance Fortna’s capabilities in design, analytics and software.

Will King has been promoted to Pianetto’s former role as GVP, Integrated Technology Solutions. In this role he will continue to build out the Engineering and Implementation Services critical to delivering quality solutions to Fortna clients. He will also lead the expansion of Fortna’s Client Lifetime Protection services, an essential part of keeping today’s “always on” distribution operations performing at peak. This includes helping clients with a comprehensive support strategy that goes beyond a number to call when there are issues. It also includes taking a long-term view and creating a roadmap to ensure operations will perform in the future, meet the ROI that was promised, and stay current with business and technical changes.