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Fortna Inc. Announces Substantial Client Bottom-Line Improvement from Its Growing Strategy Practice

Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, today announced that clients of its supply chain strategy practice in the past 18 months have achieved up to 25% operating expense reduction after implementing recommendations that improve service levels and enable growth.  Additionally, clients have reported up to 140% revenue enablement by ensuring their DC operations are not bottlenecks and are actually competitive advantages. Fortna’s strategy practice focuses on helping companies solve complex business issues, managing growth with ever-increasing competition, and identifying and navigating risk while utilizing effective change management techniques.

Fortna® Hires Dr. Hector Carlo to Lead Science Team for FortnaWES™

Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, announces the hiring of Dr. Hector Carlo to lead its Science Team, responsible for developing all algorithms for its FortnaWES™ warehouse execution software. FortnaWES™ was built to deliver exceptional flexibility, agility and responsiveness to enable complex, high-volume omni-channel distribution operations. It is built upon existing platform services that combine the best-of-breed integration, technology, real-time controls and system services that Fortna clients rely on.

Fortna Announces a New Release of its Warehouse Execution Software Platform: FortnaWES™ Enables Distribution Operations to Run Agile Fulfillment™

Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, announced today a new release of its warehouse execution software platform, FortnaWES™. Fortna has provided intelligent warehouse control capabilities for over 20 years through its FortnaWCS™ product.  Like its predecessor, this new release remains MHS and WMS agnostic and further optimizes workflow, labor, and equipment across a wide variety of legacy systems and automated solutions.

Fortna Opens Development Hub in Hanoi, Vietnam

Fortna®, The Distribution Experts®, announces the opening of a software development hub in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Distribution operations have become more complex and sophisticated due to the rise of eCommerce and the requirements for fast order processing and omni-channel solutions.  Warehouse software plays an increasingly important role in the performance of these highly dynamic distribution operations.  New advanced software platforms combine real-time computing with advanced analytics to optimize flow, speed, productivity and flexibility in distribution center operations.

The new Vietnam office expands Fortna’s global software development team to further accelerate the development of future releases of FortnaWCS™ and FortnaWES™ software. Fortna’s software solutions integrate, control and automate material handling equipment in distribution operations to optimize fulfillment flow, speed and resource utilization in real-time.  These solutions provide the simulation and command center services to enable flexibility and responsiveness to change, both today and through “bolt-on” capabilities in the future, to support Fortna’s Client needs.