Fortna and Hytrol Celebrate 60 Years of Partnership

In 1958 Fortna and Hytrol began a partnership that has spanned six decades.  Over the years the two companies have grown exponentially to become leading firms in the distribution design, implementation and materials handling space, and serving as trusted supply chain business partners with leading global firms.

At Hytrol’s 2018 Convention Fortna received the 60-year partnership award, recognized with a standing ovation from the 250 companies in attendance.  Other highlights of the Convention included tours of Hytrol’s expanded production facility and research and development center as well as in-depth workshops on Hytrol products and new material handling technology.

Fortna, Sr. Director, Supplier Relations, Glen Guernsey, accepted the award from Chuck Waddle, Hytrol VP of Business Development and David Peacock, Hytrol President.