Independent Study Finds Fortna Clients are Competitively Stronger

READING, PA (October 10, 2018) – Independent competitive research firm, wRatings Corporation recently completed a report stating companies that partner with and implement Fortna designed solutions over the past twelve years are competitively stronger than their direct industry peers in terms of pricing power, sales revenue per employee and customer advantages.

Based on a year-over-year analysis, the Fortna Client Group has built superior customer strength over Non-Fortna Clients an average of 9.7% and as much as 12% higher over the past twelve years. This strength allows Fortna Clients to maintain high service levels while shortening order cycle times, thus contributing to long-term relationships and sustainability with their customers.

“For industries that are heavily reliant on distribution, time is critical,” said Gary Williams, CEO and founder of wRatings. “Fortna Clients have the ability to better make and deliver on promises than industry peers. In today’s service-oriented environment, fulfilment speed improvements and shortened order cycle times can be the edge that allows companies to grow and survive.”

“We are proud that clients who invest in Fortna designed solutions have shown measurable competitive strength over their industry peers,” said John A. White III, president and CEO of Fortna. “In today’s demanding e-commerce environment, our clients rely on robust, flexible and responsive operations to maintain their competitive edge. While overall business performance is impacted, in part, by operations outside Fortna’s areas of focus, best performing companies have chosen Fortna as their partner.”

Other factors analyzed in this report which contribute to overall competitive strength include pricing power and sales per employee of Fortna Clients.  Pricing power of Fortna Clients with their customers has been higher than industry peers every year since 2005. In the last three years, Fortna Clients possess ~2% more pricing power than industry peers.  Further, since 2005, Fortna Clients generate $101,000 more sales per employee than industry peers every year on average.

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About wRatings
wRatings is a privately-owned, independent research firm that analyzes the competitive strength of 2,000+ public companies on a continual basis. The firm utilizes consumer and business panels to rate how well each company meets customer expectations. Since 1999, executive teams, boards, hedge funds and private equity firms use our ratings to help make return on capital decisions. For more information, visit


Media Contact: Patti Satterfield, VP Global Marketing & Business Development