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The Automotive Aftermarket industry has experienced several major shifts in recent years—

  • As consumers seek to maintain vehicles longer the “Do-It-Yourself” and “Do-It-For-Me” market has expanded steadily, but with higher growth in the DIFM channel.
  • At the same time, ecommerce is rapidly emerging as a growth channel with its own unique challenges and opportunities, including new competitors.
  • Fulfillment speed is a strategic advantage as customers expect shorter order-to-delivery cycles and competitors are only a click away.
  • Advances in technology and telematics usher in new products and new challenges for the industry – and new competition from unexpected places.
  • And SKU proliferation is making it harder to manage inventory without driving distribution centers to their capacity limits.

Companies are looking to the supply chain to deliver improvements in distribution operations, inventory deployment, labor management, transportation and demand planning. All of this is creating the need to rethink entire supply chain networks and develop strategies for building new DCs, cross-docking, retrofitting existing facilities with higher levels of automation and closing DCs that are no longer needed. Fortna can help.

John Giangrande

John Giangrande
Automotive Aftermarket
Industry Leader
Phone: 440.716.8868 x1312

"The automotive aftermarket is a hyper-competitive business fueled by SKU proliferation and technology advances, all of which demands attention to both what is happening today and what is coming in the future."