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DC of the Future Webcast Recording: Disruptive Technologies and Justifiable Solutions

Do you wish you had a crystal ball to tell you what your DC will look like in 5 or 10 years?

During this Modern Materials Handling webcast, Fortna’s technology experts describe their vision of the “DC of the Future.” Will everyone be wearing Google glasses? Will robots replace workers? We’ll tell you where the hype ends and reality begins. See what technologies are likely to become mainstream and learn about the trends to watch. Register to watch the webcast recording here.

Fortna Participates in Student DC Design Competition

Fortna is participating in this year’s Material Handling and Logistics Student Design Competition. The competition, now in its 21st year, lets students use real-world data to design a distribution center and apply what they have learned regarding material handling, warehousing, facility design, and operations management. Fortna has provided this year’s case study materials and will serve as one of the judges.

Cash prizes are awarded for the winning entries ($2000, $1500, and $1000 prizes for first, second, and third place) as well as the winning team’s home department ($500 per department for each winning entry). In addition, OFS support funding is available for the faculty advisors of the top three teams to travel to the ProMat 2017, a large industry trade exposition, to be held in Chicago in April 2017, to be recognized for their achievement.

The competition is sponsored by CICMHE (College Industry Council on Material Handling Education) and the Order Fulfillment Solutions Council. (Include links) The case overview, competition rules/guidelines, judging criteria, and summaries of past student design competitions and their winners are available here.

FortnaDCoptimizers™ Take the Science of Distribution to New Levels

Fortna announces the FortnaDCoptimizers™, a set of multi-dimensional models of key distribution design decisions that quickly identify the best alternative among a continuum of choices. The FortnaDCoptimizers™ are models that accelerate and automate the work of analyzing and designing client custom operations so that they maximize the return on investment.

The Long & Short of Enabling Growth

A pharmacy chain was expecting explosive growth – a ten-fold increase over the next seven years. But inaccurate orders, low labor productivity and slow inventory turns were hampering that growth. They asked Fortna to help them develop a plan to meet their aggressive growth strategy and fulfill their promise of daily delivery to each of their pharmacies. Fortna recommended a state-of-the-art distribution center that could handle their current and expected growth. But when opportunities for international expansion put that project on hold, […]

Improving Delivery, Reducing Cost

A healthcare services company and pharmaceutical distributor responsible for delivering to 40,000 pharmacies daily approached Fortna to design and implement a national re-distribution center to replace their two smaller DCs. They wanted to improve fulfillment time and reduce costs in the new DC that would house over $2 billion in inventory and ship more than a million items a day. Fortna designed and implemented a highly-automated 600,000 square-feet DC to include the largest and most secure storage and processing areas for the high value drugs and those requiring refrigeration. […]

Making Distribution a Competitive Advantage

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer and regional distributor needed to increase distribution capabilities due to acquisition and organic growth. They asked Fortna to help make improvements to their distribution operations to drive a competitive advantage not only for their own brands, but also for global brands they distribute. Fortna recommended changes to their existing distribution facility that would give it the additional capacity needed for growth, without extending the facility footprint. The updated distribution center has enabled increased throughput, […]

Enabling Exponential Growth

A leading industrial distributor was experiencing exponential growth, but that growth brought with it increased costs and inefficiency as they struggled to expand their existing facility and lease additional facilities to keep up. They decided that the best way to eliminate risk, service customers efficiently and bring costs under control would be to bring all of their operations under one roof. Fortna helped redesign the company’s order fulfillment operation to improve and optimize flow, reduce variable costs and better manage inventory. […]

Speed to Market Improves Customer Service Levels

A wholesale distributor planned to double its revenue and expand into new geographic markets. But they were struggling with long order cycle times, unable to respond quickly to customer needs and their current volume already exceeded capacity. Fortna helped them build a business case for investment, design and implement a second DC. Analysis of their systems, picking, sorting and storage operations was done to ensure that the new facility mapped to both the current and future growth and business continuity needs. […]