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About Us

From humble beginnings as a forklift provider in 1946, Fortna has evolved as our customer needs have changed, and is now a multi-national provider of supply chain services.

Key Events:

1946   H. E. Fortna Brothers Inc. opens in Reading, PA selling handtrucks and parts out of a small one-room office.

1954   H. E. Fortna Brothers Inc. begins adding forklift trucks and conveyors to its product line.

1988   Fortna is purchased by Peter Counihan, currently Fortna’s Chairman.  He moves the company away from forklifts to focus on conveying equipment and installation.

1992   Fortna continues to evolve to meet customer needs by becoming a full-service integrator of complete materials handling systems.

1995   Recognizing an industry need for reliable, flexible and scalable Warehouse Control Software, Fortna unveils FortnaPlus™.

2002   Fortna’s engineers develop FortnaDCmodeler™, a powerful data analysis tool to more rapidly process millions of lines of data, strengthening Fortna’s design capabilities. 

1997 - 2004   Fortna continues to grow, opening offices in Nashville, TN, Cleveland, OH and Atlanta, GA.

2006   Fortna significantly expands its services by merging with longtime partner, Q4 Logistics. Fortna clients continue to benefit from our fully integrated offerings and dedication to meeting their business goals.

2009   Fortna opens Latin American offices in Colombia, Venezuela and Panama City to better serve our Andean Region clients.

2010   Clients continue to rely on Fortna as the company triples in size between 2004 and 2010, in spite of the poor economy. Fortna’s client focus and breadth of services is recognized by industry experts with six awards and honors.

2011   Fortna acquires South-African based LGA Logistics Consultants and establishes the base of operations for the EMEA region. Fortna receives six industry awards in support of its work in helping clients deliver on their business promises.

2012   Fortna continues to invest in tools that drive innovation and justifiable solutions for its clients; Fortna announces FortnaDCmodeler® Version 3.0, a sophisticated tool that quickly analyzes years of item, order, receipt, shipment and inventory data to provide a foundation for projecting future business requirements and growth.  Fortna receives seven industry awards. 

2013   Fortna opens offices in Tampa, FL, Fayetteville, AR, and South Africa.  Fortna continues to invest in Research & Development to drive efficient service delivery and WCS improvements.  Fortna receives six industry awards.

2014   Fortna opens an additional Latin American office in Mexico City, Mexico to better serve clients in the region. Fortna’s client focus and breadth of services continue to be recognized by industry experts with five awards and honors.